Foreign Language Teacher

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Uplift Michigan Academy
Position Details: 

Notice of Teaching Vacancy 2018-19 School Year

Uplift Michigan Academy


This role is essential in delivering the vision of the School and is critical to improving the educational outcomes for students. The purpose of this role is to ensure continuity between our students, parents and administration. The Purpose of the teacher is to lead the student and their parent/guardians to achieve academic success using selected curriculum and technology.  A successful candidate will be responsible for the following:


  • Communicate with students on a daily basis
  • Support the educational vision by providing quality learning outcomes and implementation of vision for all students
  • Help enroll, maintain accurate attendance records, and collect work samples for students
  • Support students in curriculum related matters and manage technology resources to achieve school goals
  • Support rigorous academic and social practices in daily school life and follow standards for student and staff performance
  • Participate in professional development, accreditation, and other opportunities to enhance personal and organizational progress
  • Must be able to attain or currently hold valid certification in California and other states as needed

REPORTS TO:  Principal



  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited university
  • Preferable experience teaching in an online setting
  • Foreign language certification in Michigan (except Spanish)


Monitoring of Student information System and related tasks,

  • Assist with the admission and enrollment process of new students
  • Assist the faculty in school-wide marketing, e-marketing, communications, and brand development.
  • Assist in tracking the submission of student Master Agreement per established procedures; ensure that Master Agreements are received from every enrolled student each semester and that they are filed in the student’s permanent record file.
  • When requested, participate in marketing events and assist with booking of event spaces for testing and other large-scale meetings
  • Help in the organization of field trips and graduation
  • Ensure all students, faculty and administration are in the system accurately
  • Participate in, and coordinate the development of pertinent professional development activities
  • Help to Create and maintain school/student files in regard to: Master List Reports, ADA Tallies, Attendance Record Tallies, Master Agreements, Attendance Logs, Assignment Sheets
  • Ensure all compliance and attendance data is accurate in the SIS System
  • Work as the Administrative Lead on all matters pertaining to student data and attendance with Site Coordinators
  • Communicate with students, parents and staff regarding attendance policies/deadline of forms throughout the school year
  • Develop and implement trainings related to attendance
  • Performs highly complex administrative level office responsibilities including, but not limited to, planning, organizing, supervising, and participating in the clerical operations related to the assigned functions of the position.
  • Compile, verify and distribute State attendance forms for submission to District, County and State ensuring correct and timely submission.
  • Input, verify and correct attendance submitted by teachers.
  • Agreements, student attendance, credits attempted and earned signatures, and dates.
  • Maintain the permanent cumulative records of students per state and federal requirements.
  • Oversee incoming and outgoing student cumulative records.
  • Maintain confidential student files including Special Education, 504 and Expulsion.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of expulsion and IEP laws and procedures.
  • Maintain the School archive system of student records in compliance with state destruction guidelines.
  • Develop procedures to expedite transmittal of information and facilitate implementation of policies, programs, or directives.
  • Prepare general correspondence, memos and communication for distribution.
  • Compile reports and statements requiring the use of independent judgment.
  • Audit a variety of district expenditures, reports and data for compliance with prescribed laws, regulations and policies; processes warrants, encumbrances, and payment of claims.
  • Coordinate school wide communications of newsletter and e-blasts
  • Aid in the facilitation of mandated testing requirements
  • When requested, participate in marketing events and assist with booking of event spaces for testing and other large-scale meetings or events

Program Development

  • Actively search for and apply for grants that will support the academic and academy programs offered by the School
  • Assist staff in modifying classes/programs to ensure compliance with school policy and international examination, curriculum and/or accreditation body rules and regulations.
  • Oversee production and dissemination of a statistical analysis of all assessment and examination results together with Faculty for school leadership use.
  • Collaborate with Administration to ensure the coordinated and efficient organization of the daily operations
  • Undertake duties which may arise from time to time, under the direction of the site director and administration
  • Model the innovative use of technology.

Managing School Procedures

  • Establish and maintain school/student records including but not limited to: Master List Reports, Attendance Record Tallies, Master Agreements, Attendance Logs, Work product samples, Discipline Reports
  • Ensure the maintenance of accurate student records by faculty —post grades and communications in the Student Management System (SIS) in a timely manner.
  • Oversee the collection and tracking of login days for each ADA period  and ensure ADA is entered monthly
  • Oversee the creation and email of Attendance Logs for parents and students to sign
  • Be diligent in ensuring attendance compliance and administratively dropping students according to school policy
  • Communicate with students, parents and staff regarding attendance policies and deadlines throughout the year
  • Ensure integrity of faculty grading procedures and completed work is being returned according to school policy
  • Ensure state compliance in all areas
  • Maintain all files applicable to audit review including attendance, work product samples, policy manuals, and school operation
  • Monitor academic metrics of the school, including pacing, contact histories, and GPAs.
  • Ensure student compliance of school policies in adherence to the master agreement and school handbook and apply disciplinary measures in accordance with school policies
  • Ensure that protocols related to expenditure of funds and the requisition process are followed

Promoting School Culture

  • Coordinate and assist in activities associated with school events, ceremonies and functions.
  • Model for each student the qualities and values expressed in the Mission of the School
  • Liaise appropriately with parents and community members and to be supportive of the philosophy and functioning of the School at all times.
  • Support the development of positive student/staff relationships.
  • Promote the school traditions and values to students and parents.

Parent Liaison

  • Work with staff and students to prepare monthly and quarterly newsletters.
  • Communicate with parents on school policies and guidelines and other administrative issues.
  • Promote and maintain open communication with parents.
  • Organize and assist in the conduct of Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • Coordinate the parent notification of student progress, with special emphasis on student behind pace or in jeopardy of not passing.


Send cover letter and resume to:

Mrs. Tonya Lowry

Head of School

Uplift Michigan Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to creating a diverse community of professional educators to promote the success of all students and families served.

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