Principal Leadership Coach

Friday, February 16, 2018
West Michigan Leadership Academy
Position Details: 

The purpose of the West Michigan Leadership Academy is to improve schools in the greater Grand Rapids region by building a system of leadership development that strengthens school and district leadership capacity to support student learning and achievement, particularly for the most underserved students. The West Michigan Leadership Academy provides a multi-year professional learning network and leadership coaching support for principals in targeted schools, complemented by customized, strategic consulting and capacity-building activities with participating districts, including Godfrey-Lee Public Schools, Godwin Heights Public Schools, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Kentwood Public Schools, and Wyoming Public Schools.
The program includes:
• An advisory committee comprised of local leaders
• A regional professional learning network for school principals
• One-on-one principal leadership coaching
• Customized district support

The West Michigan Leadership Academy is designed to help principals develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create equitable school communities that support learning and achievement for all students. Principal Leadership Coaches are knowledgeable about current accountability tools, leadership competencies and other reform initiatives and trained in NYC Leadership Academy's unique Facilitative, Competency-Based (FCB) Coaching methodology. As confidential thought partners to school leaders, coaches are expected to create a trusting, collaborative environment, enabling principals to engage in critical and targeted reflection on their practice as instructional leaders. Leadership coaching is in service of advancing equity and accelerating student learning and achievement.

Essential job functions & responsibilities:
• Provide ongoing leadership coaching to principals in the greater Grand Rapids region
• Facilitate leadership development sessions and other customized support

• Minimum of five years supervisory experience
• Evidence of past success as an instructional leader
• Demonstrated ability to develop leadership
• Extensive instructional knowledge and experience
• Past success in fostering equitable practice and working with diverse populations

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Gerry Falchick at Please include “West Michigan Leadership Coach” in the email subject line.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; all serious candidates should apply on or before February 16, 2018.

West Michigan Leadership Academy | Leadership Coach
Context/Content Expertise:
• Understands political landscape of MDE and local districts (Godfrey Lee, Godwin Heights, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Kentwood, and Wyoming)
• Demonstrates expertise regarding MDE instructional initiatives, accountability measures, and expectations for school leaders
• Can interpret and analyze student achievement data, recognize patterns and trends, and identify high leverage leadership moves
Dispositions/Habits of Mind:
• Is self-aware, reflective, and thoughtful
• Is willing to go outside of his/her comfort zone and be a risk taker
• Does not need to be “right”; values feedback
• Manages the ambiguity and discomfort associated with being a public learner, has perseverance
• Can accurately assess a situation/problem, understand its essence, and see the big picture/implications
Interpersonal Behaviors:
• Seeks out and understands multiple perspectives
• Takes in feedback, demonstrates willingness to give candid feedback, is honest
• Notices details, can take cues from others, goes beneath the surface, probes
• Demonstrates willingness to have “difficult” conversations as needed to push learning
• Is strategic, aligns actions/interventions to purpose
• Communicates empathy without being an enabler
Conceptual Frameworks:
• Possesses a belief system that aligns with MDE’s mission of closing the achievement gap and appreciates the urgency of the work
• Understands that coaching is in service of students and principals are the intermediary
• Articulates/communicates high leverage instructional leadership practices
• Values core underpinnings of the program model including the importance of anchoring the work in competencies, building independence on the part of the principal, and commitment to fostering equitable practice
• Demonstrates an asset-based approach with students and families

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